Forensic ITC Services


Forensic ITC Services is a small forensic identification, consulting and training business that was started and implemented to provide forensic analysis, comparisons, evaluations and verification’s of evidence related to criminal and civil cases.  Our motto is, “We assist you with the information you need to help your case”. We offer private and professional consultation, case reviews, technical reviews and even verification’s to and for attorneys and law enforcement agencies. We have recently implemented proficiency testing in the forensic disciplines of footwear and tire track examinations. We can provide you with the most up-to-date, accurate and reliable examinations available. Mr. Hilderbrand, who is the owner and manager of Forensic ITC Services, holds two certifications through the International Association for Identification (I.A.I.).  

We also provide a vast variety of training classes. Stop by and check out our Courses. We do not use any instructor that is not certified in the field they are teaching.

Our subject matter experts specialize in fingerprints, latent prints, footwear and tire track evidence, physical matches, bare foot examinations and crime scene investigations, both with training courses and casework analysis. We have an extended list of other forensic experts at our disposal. If we cannot provide you with what you are looking for we will highly recommend someone that can