In Honor of Richard and Julia Lyn, November 2009

In Honor of Richard and Julia Lyn, November 2009

Richard and Julia Lyn were abducted from their home in Mandeville, Jamaica on December 9, 2006. The main purpose was a $7 million dollar ransom. The home was ransacked and appliances, debit cards, and both vehicles were taken. The Lyn’s were killed by a cloth and rope tied around their necks and their bodies were dumped in the Martin’s Hills dump two miles outside of Mandeville, Jamaica. The bodies were discovered December 30, 2006.

Three suspect’s were later arrested, all were eventually found guilty and sentenced (January 2010).

The search of the crime scene revealed a footwear imprint on a clean tile floor of the Lyn’s residence. The imprint was enhanced using black fingerprint powder, lifted and photographed.

During an arrest the shoes belonging to one of the suspect’s were taken. They were described as Lugz, Sportek brand Vanish model, size 10.

Because the shoes could not be released from the country complete directions and illustrations were sent to the Jamaican Police Force to assist in illustrating how test exemplars are taken. Because the questioned imprint was made by a right shoe , exemplars were made of only the right shoe.

The following charts were used during testimony along with a PowerPoint Presentation.