Footwear, The Missed Evidence (Third Edition)

Our first published book on the documentation, collection and preservation of footwear evidence was published January 1999.

  • “A must have for anyone who recovers evidence in the field. I have learned and worked with Dwane Hilderbrand for years, and can honestly say that his expertise, knowledge and love for the field is evident in this manual. He understands that in order for this vital evidence to be recovered and identified properly, we need a better understanding of how an impression is made, and what the best methods for recovery are. Thanks Dwane for your help!”
    Tracie D. Fife , Supervisor Crime Scene Specialist Unit, Scottsdale Police Department
  • “Having read Dwane’s previous book and taken classes from him in Footwear Examination and Comparison, I was excited to get the opportunity to review the new book “Footwear, The Missed Evidence Third Edition”, dedicated to crime scene professionals. The book is well written, extremely informative and will assist anyone who must recover and examine footwear impressions during the course of their work. I highly recommend it!”
    Todd McCrohan, Identification Supervisor, Billings Police Department
  • “Footwear track evidence can be very instrumental to the successful conclusion of a criminal investigation. In “Footwear, The Missed Evidence”, Mr. Hilderbrand has put forth essential information to the crime scene investigator on the recognition, preservation and collection of this potentially very valuable and important evidence. The techniques and methods set forth in this work serve to improve the quality of this form of evidence, which can be so important to subsequent comparative examinations and conclusions. “Footwear, The Missed Evidence” should be recommended reading to those technicians and investigators involved in crime scene processing, as well as footwear examiners. It serves to reinforce the understanding of this type of physical evidence, its association with a crime, and the attention that must be given for its successful recovery. The knowledge gained from “Footwear, The Missed Evidence” will insure that footwear evidence is not missed, but is properly collected and its information applied to the criminal justice process.”
    Mr. Ernest D. Hamm, Retired Florida Department of Law Enforcement.


Instructions For Building a Tire Stand

This is a great tool for tire track examiners. The stand is designed to hold the suspect tire during the examination and comparison period and can be rotated with ease. If you are interested in these simple directions on “How to Build” one, please email us and we will gladly send you the complete directions-compliments of Mr. Ernest Hamm.

Fingerprint Brushes

Looking for a great fingerprint brush? Every Crime Scene Investigators needs a great fingerprint brush. A very good friend of mine makes his own fingerprint brushes and I must say these are outstanding brushes and highly recommended. The brushes are $20.00 each, which in includes shipping, PVC Carrying Tube, comb, and instructions for washing and maintenance. The tubes comes in Blue, Dark Blue, Burgundy, Black. The Brushes are 8″ total in length /Tubes 9″ longer or shorter handles no extra charge.

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The Pedogrid System

The pedoGRID© System is a new measuring device that was developed by a footwear examiner and a forensic podiatrist. It can be used by both disciplines for various applications relative to pedal evidence. One side of the system is a grid measuring device and the other side is a foot measuring device. It is made of a quality, plastic material that should be quite durable, even for field use.

This device is intended to give an approximate shoe size. It is only an approximation. It is up to the examiner to consider other factors in making a final determination of shoe/foot size. To obtain the most accurate reading, it is recommended to place a straight edge at the back of the heel of the standing subject being measured and to align it perpendicular to the heel line on the PedoGRID

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