“I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a nine-month training program taught by Dwane Hilderbrand. He organized and taught five weeks of classroom lectures and practical exercises on footwear and tire track comparisons and courtroom testimony, and gave us additional homework assignments to complete between courses. The whole experience was excellent. Dwane is a fantastic teacher who is very concerned with the students’ progress and understanding of the material. He is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter and is very passionate about sharing his knowledge with the students. The lectures were interesting, never boring, the hands on exercises were very relevant to the materials being taught and complemented the lectures very well. The feedback he gave me on the classroom exercises and homework assignments helped me to thoroughly understand all the material that was presented. I enjoyed every minute of this program and was sad to see it end.”

Lisa Ragaza, Forensic Science Examiner 1  
State of Connecticut, Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection  
Forensic Science Laboratory

“I first met Dwane Hilderbrand, when I took his Footwear class back at the 1997 at I.A.I. conference in Little Rock, Arkansas. The best compliment you can give any teacher of a forensic discipline like Footwear & Tire Tracks is to return back into the world you live in and help catch criminals with the knowledge gained. I was able to do just that in my career with the Massachusetts State Police Crime Scene Services Unit. Crimes that would not have been solved or successfully prosecuted, because the evidence (foot track or tire track evidence) never would have been seen or recovered with out the training I received. In addition, I was able to pass the knowledge I gained on to others and they likewise solved crimes.

I have since had the privilege to work with Duane on a project in Houston for Ron Smith & Ass. We worked long hours analyzing thousands of latent fingerprint impressions. Duane, was able to identify many criminals through side by side comparisons. He also identified many suspects from viewing the search results of latent fingerprints searched in the Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems used in Houston.

I definitely would recommend Dwane Hilderbrand, who in an expert in the area’s of Crime Scenes, Fingerprints and Foot Track and Tire Track.”

Brian M. O’Hara 
O’Hara Forensic Consulting 
Retired Detective Lieutenant 
Massachusetts State Police

“Dwane has written a must have book for anyone who recovers evidence in the field. I have learned and worked with Dwane Hilderbrand for years, and can honestly say that his expertise, knowledge and love for the field is evident in this manual. He understands that in order for this vital evidence to be recovered and identified properly, we need a better understanding of how an impression is made, and what the best methods for recovery are. Thanks Dwane for your help!”

Tracie D. Fife , Supervisor 
Crime Scene Specialist Unit, Scottsdale P.D.

“I have known Mr Dwane Hilderbrand in a professional capacity from 1993. Mr Hilderbrand is a forensic scientist, practitioner and educator of the highest order. As the author of one of the few textbooks in his particular field of footwear impression evidence, he is widely acknowledged as one of the leading practitioners in this area. Similarly, he is one of the few forensic practitioners to possess a higher degree in education (M. Ed.) and he is equally respected as a highly knowledgeable, inspirational and engaging teacher of forensic science and practice.

I have direct and personal experience of Mr Hilderbrand’s forensic casework and also of many of his lecture presentations and workshops. Mr Hilderbrand presents an open minded and conscientious approach to his case work and similarly to the development of new and innovative approaches to forensic practice. His training and educational events covering general forensic practice, footwear impression evidence and forensic photography are always a pleasure to experience and leave one more enlightened, skilled and with a desire to practice learned techniques and to acquire even more knowledge in the area taught.

I am therefore delighted to be given the opportunity to provide this endorsement of Mr Hilderbrand’s work”

Mr. Wesley Vernon, OBE PhD