Courtroom Testimony-Learning to be Successful

Basic Courtroom Testimony-Learning to be Successful

This course is approved by the International Association for Identification as credits towards certification and re-certification

Class Rules and Guidelines

Class Attire: Casual
Breaks: Usually one short break per hour.
Lunch: One hour
Starting Time: 8:00 A.M
Ending Time: 5:00 P.M
Participation of Students: Requested and appreciated
Required Materials: None
Testing: Competency and written exams
Certificates of Completion: Presented at end of seminar

Course Duration

This is a 16 hour (2-day) training course

Target Audience

This course is designed for those individuals:

  1. Who have a natural fear of public speaking. Did you know it is the second most feared reality; dying by fire was number 1
  2. Who have not had the opportunity to receive much, if any, formal courtroom testimony training
  3. Who are willing to work at identifying their strengths and talents in order to improve and build on any weaknesses in testimony skills using those abilities
  4. Who are willing to grow professionally and build a firm confidence in themselves
  5. Who believe that they can succeed on the witness stand if someone would just show them some simple techniques
  6. Who wish to improve on building their court CV and understanding how to build qualifying questions.

Course Description

The first two (2) days of this training course is designed to present a series of interactive lectures using PowerPoint and various movies. This training course was designed for those individuals that want to better themselves on the witness stand by learning to work on their present abilities and talents. Although, this course contains humor and laughter, it is taught in a manner of professionalism and respect to our court system. The course provides assistance and knowledge to those students wishing to better themselves on the witness stand, by understanding the perceptions of those that we testify in front of, juries. This is an effective course to learn how to have success on the witness stand instead of those stomach pains you get the moment you receive a subpoena.