Forensic Disciplines of Footwear and Tire Track Examination and Comparison

Formal Educational Training Program in the Forensic Disciplines of Footwear and Tire Track Examination and Comparison

Many agencies will spend thousands of dollars training or getting their employees trained over a long period of time. Why not get it done all at one time?  Times are changing. Certifications are going to be a requirement sooner or later. Even National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) and the Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science (OSAC) presently in the planning stages of writing guidelines and standards in these forensic disciplines of what it takes to train an examiner. Did you know that the average amount of money spent to send one (1) employee to an out of state training course is a little more than $2,600 and that’s one course? And bear in mind that is just a training course, not a formal training program.

Mr. Hilderbrand is one of the worlds most recognized experts in footwear and tire track examinations and comparisons, and he has trained many examiners. Forensic ITC Services is pleased to announce the offering of a full formal training program within the forensic disciplines of Footwear and Tire Track Examination and Comparison.  This entire program is different than what other companies offer. Why? Because we have already proven ourselves by training numerous examiners throughout the Unites States. It is provided at a low cost to agencies wishing to have their examiner’s trained in the forensic disciplines of footwear and tire track examinations. Once a program is placed and hosted, it is open to those individuals within the law enforcement community that wish to only take one particular course.

Target Audience

These comprehensive, formal footwear and tire track training programs are designed for the criminal evidence analysts and forensic scientists with the responsibility of examining and comparing footwear and tire track impression evidence and for those wishing to start a career in the examination and comparison of footwear and tire track evidence.

Course Description

The training program was designed to lead a cohort group of entry level footwear and tire track examiner trainees through sequential course offerings in preparation for working and handling footwear and tire track examinations and comparisons and in preparing to take the International Association for Identification (IAI) footwear certification examination. The Footwear and Tire Track Examiner Training Program consists of 6 in-depth courses including an outsole and tire treads factory tour (if possible-based on location). Completion of online course work, assessments, and practical exercises will be required in between onsite course trainings. This program is based on 6 weeks of face-to-face training over a period of 3-5 months.  These courses were model after the same courses Mr. Hilderbrand taught for the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) in Clearwater, Florida and meets the necessary requirements under the I.A.I for certification. Letters of recommendation are available upon request.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for participation in this training program, applicants must:

  • Work for a law enforcement agency as a professional practitioner in law enforcement or forensic services
  • Possess the visual acuity to examine small details under magnification
  • Possess a reasonable level of skill in English, arithmetic, computer keyboarding, and word processing
  • Have access to the following resources at their home or agency for the duration of the Footwear Examiner Training Program:
    1. Computer with internet access (Note: computers will be needed for onsite training classes)
    2. Word processing software (preferably MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access.
    3. Photoshop CS3 software or greater
    4. Digital Camera: 8MB or larger, detachable flash with minimum 6 foot cord, lens (minimum 50mm)
    5. Tripod
    6. Scanner: must accommodate at least 11 x 14 size documents
    7. Printer: must accommodate 11 x 14 size documents
    8. 4x power magnifier


Application Process

Applications will be accepted by Registration through Forensic ITC Services at We reserve the right to refuse any application we deem necessary.

Here is how it works

The cost for this program varies depending on the type of program you select. Forensic ITC Services needs a minimum of 5 students. However, we highly recommend that the agency making the request negotiate their needs.

We offer the training in three ways:

Option 1- We will bring the training directly to you. The fee covers only the training provided for the period of time and discipline you prefer at your location.

Under this option we will come directly to you and your agency. With this option the training can run over a period of 3-5 months with one to two weeks of training each month. Students are given assignments in between classes that must be completed prior to the next class.

Option 2- We will bring the students directly to us covering their tuition, room/board and 3 meals per day.

Under this option we will bring the student directly to us. With this option the training will run for a straight four (4) weeks with homework assignments.

Option 3- We will bring the students directly to us and cover all expenses including tuition, hotel, airfare, 3 meals per day and transportation.

Under this option we will bring the student directly to us. With this option the training will run for a straight four (4) weeks with homework assignments.


Participants in the training “program” will be provided:

  • Course Outlines
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Syllabus
  • All necessary supplies, except for camera equipment
  • All required course textbooks