Friction Ridge Comparison

Friction Ridge Comparison

This course is approved by the International Association for Identification as credits towards certification and re-certification

Class Rules and Guidelines

Class Attire: Casual
Breaks: Usually one short break per hour.
Lunch: One hour
Starting Time: 8:00 A.M
Ending Time: 4:30 P.M
Participation of Students: Requested and appreciated
Required Materials: Fingerprint magnifying glass, pointers if necessary, desk lamp
Testing: Oral testing throughout the course, Final examination,Practical casework
Certificates of Completion: Presented at end of seminar

Course Duration

This particular course is 3-days (24 hours), 4-days (32 hours) and 5-days (40 hours) depending on the needs of the hosting agency

Target Audience

This training course was designed twofold; 1) for those individuals wishing to start a career in the science of fingerprints, and 2) already practicing Fingerprint Examiners.

Course Description

This training course is designed to concentrate all phases of friction ridge comparison including how to effectively examine, compare and identify latent prints with known inked exemplars. The course is presented in a series of interactive lectures using PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, and various other software programs. This training session will provide an overview with both lecture and hands on exercises of the proper methods and techniques for to effectively examine, compare and identify latent prints with known inked exemplars. After each exercise the student’s work will be critiqued and measured.

Course Objectives:

  1. Acquaint the class with the history of personal identification.
  2. Inform the class of the scientific basis for fingerprint identification.
  3. Familiarize the class with the methodologies of friction ridge impression examinations and comparisons.
  4. Practical application of friction ridge comparisons.